Portfolio Management: reporting progress made simple

Having calculated the KPIs Schedule Performance Index and Cost Performance Index (using Earned Value Management) we simply like to report the progress visually instead of informing “project01 is consuming less than previous week, we are good …”

Excel is quit a profound instrument.

Next table is an extract of all projects, the SPI & CPI (mostly used to express progress) are calculated.

EVM analysis week 2017.26

What the boarders really want to know is:

  • are we AHEAD or BEHIND the planning
  • are we spending MORE or OVER

then Excel provides us the following nice overview

EVM portfolio progress report week 2017.26

What we’ve been using is the bubble chart with 3D.

The SPI = the Y-axis

The CPI = the X-axis

The size of each bubble is expressed by the so-called degree of influence of the project decided by the stakeholders: i.e. the priority, the dependencies, the complexity, the risks …

Bearing on the fact Earned Value Management (EVM) is factual and objective, reporting these KPIs supports decision takers quit easy.


For an in-depth positioning and clarifying the added value of EVM feel free to contact me.