case tools

I’ve been using case tools since 1990.

My main requirements (which changed along the years) are:
– able to model using different notation languages (UML, BPMN, EPCD)
– able to use proper symbols
– model end to end systems
– automatically generate a report of the whole system (documentation)

Hereafter a short list of the tools:

As “the” reference I suggest OMG

All tools are different, but finally they do deliver more or less the same content.

It is not my intention to conduct the reader towards the “best” tooling.  Every tool has its possibilities.

Bearing in mind:

  • a tool changes and matures all the time
  • the requirements of the customer are varying too

Since 2002 I’m using the products of Business Process Architect by Visual Paradigm to support me in:

  • Business Process Management
  • Value Chain Analysis
  • Infrastructure Projects
  • Software Development Life Cycles
  • Lean management / manufacturing / engineering to order
  • Business Transformation