Guide 2 Change
When your company is opposed to exceptional changes, opportunities, external expertise is not only useful – it is indispensable for the further growth of your company.

Our focus is on supporting complex transitions e.g.:

  • Transformation (digitalization – scaling up)
  • Introduction or revamp of ERP solutions, complete overhaul of IT solutions
  • Coach towards Enterprise Performance Management (define Vision & Strategy, set Goals & Objectives, Execute, improve by Evaluation)
  • Drawing up a corporate vision to change to digitisation of the production processes (Industry 4.0)
  • Improve operational excellence, remove waste, cost of poor quality, improve throughput

Successfully leading these kinds of projects requires a range of skills – from sparring partner, people management and organizational skills to specific know-how.

From our professional expertise since 1981 we take on assignments in full-time or part-time in various types of industries.

Type of business: SME and multinationals, local & international.

Branches: Manufacturing, Retail, Chemicals, Automotive, Telecom, Utilities (water, gas, electricity), Banking / Assurances, Public Sector, Construction

Type of projects:
• Transitions (business and/or ICT) from current state to future state, process & organization alignment
• Governance (stakeholder management – program & finance portfolio management)
• Improvement: Audit > GAP analysis > Solution proposal > Change implementation
• Business readiness assessment > End 2 end implementations of solutions

Processes : ICT, Logistics, Operations / Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing, Warehousing, Customer Services, Accountancy, Finance, Procurement

Phases : Strategy Design, Initiate, Plan, Execute, Control and Close

Solutions : ERP, CRM, POS, Shared Service Centers (hybrid staffing models), Common off the Shelf/Standard solutions, in-house, BPO outsourcing

The majority of the RUN & CHANGE assignments resulted into cost reduction, risk mitigation, process unification, governance and finally leveraging a business excellence.

Standardization of data, processes, services, organization, infrastructure, applications, Improvement of operational effectivity and efficiency
Continuity of service delivery (business & IT) Enable scalability (local > Europe)
Reduction of expenditures and waste Enter new markets (B2B + B2C)
Alignment of organizations Put in place new target operation models
Risk mitigation Quality improvement & Knowledge building