Business transformation


Benefits: team virtualisation – restructuring – cost reduction – harmonisation of the processes of data centers


Branche Mission / Assignment
Professional Services Implementation and roll-out of ITIL service management at affiliates in Belgium, France & Germany, Service desk alignmentOptimisation of the global operational model
Insurances IT-transformation (Business processes, Organization, Data, Applications, change of HR staff), IT infrastructure alignment
Banking International implementation and roll-out of ITIL service managementTransformation / restructuring of service desks
SAP Implementation of ITIL service management


Operational Excellence


Benefits: strategic preparation for ERP/CRM deployment – process alignment


Industry BPM, financial audit of business process, coaching towards implementation of ERP, conducting RFP, contract managementDetermination of process maps, value stream, benefit & cost
Professional Services Application management services (ERP) between stakeholders, customers, ICT solution providers (Europe & India)
Government Set up a strategy blueprint for ERP SCM including purchasing, logistics organisation, material management are aligned & centralised to an ERP framework SAP.
Waste management program preparation of CRM implementationAll sites in Belgium aligned for processing waste management request on a uniform manner (marketing, sales, planning, production, invoicing



Infrastructure / IT management / QA / PMO


Banking  Implementation of a front- & back office consumer platform for loans, credit risk management Improvement of time to market of new productsAdding the possibility of extra business channels (B2B): car brokers
Professional Services Quality & process improvement for project methodologies, CMM, RUP, Agile,PMO processes implemented through a uniform approach of any project (business or IT)Knowledge, tooling, processes and detailed work artifacts industrialised
Healthcare / Government Transition of a paper model into an electronic flux between hospitals & mutualitiesAll hospitals are communicating through a telecom  layer (clearance of service delivery)

Technical Assignments