Strategic Planning
* Audit “Current / Future mode of operation”
* Formulate Corporate Strategy and business case towards programme set-up

Business Transition
* Align processes, organisation, data exchange, applications, services
* Ensure readiness of authority when redesigning and applying new solutions
* Preparing change management plan
* Readiness assessment for business excellence

Business Planning
* Feasibility Studies
* Business Plans

Organisational Design
* Redesign and optimise organisation structures
* Implement corporate governance
* Assign & dedicate roles, tasks, authorities & responsibilities

Business Process Improvements
* Appliance of lean management
* Analyse and optimize business processes
* Document work flows
* Identify Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Change Management
* Develop organizational structure
* Illustrate organizational units’ duties
* Identify needed jobs/positions
* Change readiness
* Stakeholder analysis & engagement
* Manage organizational and people transition

Project Management
* Conduct the lifecycle “analysis, design, implementation, test, roll-out”
* Setup of project documents, planning, product & work breakdown structure (deliverables & workload), contracts, quality, issues & risks
* stakeholder management
* Progress reporting

Project Management Officer and Governance
* Reporting the progress of the program by implementation of a dashboard
* Budget Portfolio Management, usage of Earned Value Management
* Monitor deviations of CAPEX and OPEX upon quality/budget/scope/time
* Hands-on project management support